See to the bottom of your pool on the day you open it

March 14, 2016 Rocco Romanelli

Has this ever happened to you?

Summer comes along a bit faster than you thought it would and the kids start begging you to open up the pool.  You try to push it off for a week or so, but the kids are relentless.  So you finally muster up the will to get outside and peel back the cover, only to discover that your pool has turned into state protected land in the Everglades over the winter!

 You thought you were doing your family a favor by opening up the pool on the first truly swim-able day of the year...but, as it turns out, everyone must wait for a week of rigorous shock treatments and the loop of running the filter, back-washing the filter, running the filter, before anyone can dive in!


 Now, if any of the above DOES happen to you, feel free to visit us at www.lipools.com to schedule a water chemistry balancing or power vacuuming service call...but that's not the point of this post.  The point is - you can prevent the disaster above - but you have to act fast.

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Purchase a quart of copper-based non-foaming algaecide.  We recommend Algigon-C from Quantum Biochemical.
  2. Loosen and remove the pool cover so you have an opening large enough to pour chemicals into the pool.
  3. For an inground pool, dilute half of the quart of algaecide in a large bucket of fresh water and pour it into the pool.
  4. For an above ground pool, use 1/4 of the quart of algaecide.
  5. Carefully restore the pool cover to its original state and save the remaining algaecide for when you officially open up your pool.
  6. Once your pool is open, add 2 ounces of algaecide every 2 weeks to keep the algae at bay and your family happy from the day you open your pool until closing time in the fall!

We can't guarantee that you won't find dead algae, leaves, and other debris at the bottom of your pool when you open it - especially if you have a mesh safety cover - but we can guarantee that you'll be able to see what's down there and the pool will be easier to clean. Your family will be swimming sooner than ever if you get a head start on fighting tough algae that starts to take root during the warmer spring months!