Automatic Chemical Feeders

Hayward In-Line Automatic Chemical Feeder

Hayward In-Line Automatic Chemical Feeder

The Hayward In-Line Automatic Pool Chemical Feeder will save you time and money by dispersing the correct amount of chlorine for your pool size.  Just fill the container weekly or bi-weekly with chlorine tabs and your pool will remain crystal-clear all season long!

The Hayward Chemical Feeder holds up to 9 pounds of chlorine tablets, chlorine sticks or bromine tablets. This chemical feeder sanitizes pools from 5,000 to 40,000 gallons. Hayward chemical feeders are efficient and maintenance-free while also being durable and corrosion proof. The easy-to-use control dial lets you adjust distribution and chemical feed rate while the Easy-Lok threaded cover is safe and convenient for accessing the feeder well to add tablets or sticks. Made from high-quality PVC and easily installs in-line on new or existing equipment that only uses PVC plumbing. 

Price includes installation if product is ordered as an add-on to your pool opening service.

$ 119.99