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Chlorine: 3 Inch Slow Dissolve Tabs

Chlorine: 3 Inch Slow Dissolve Tabs

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The cornerstone of pool water safety / cleanliness! This 25 lb bucket of Islander Chlorinating 3" Stabilized Slow Dissolve Tablets are fresh, pure, long-lasting, and protect against UV sunlight, keeping your pool water safe and clean. These slow dissolving tablets are manufactured in the USA and are not diluted or blended, which provides the maximum level of available chlorine. Islander Chlorinating Tablets will disinfect your water and will prevent clouding. The 3 inch sized tablets are excellent for feeders and floaters.  We don't recommend putting them in your skimmer basket, as this may corrode your plumbing and filter system. The easy open bucket lid is child resistant, snapping open without the need for any tools. Tablets are white in color.

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