Platinum Swimming Pool Maintenance Plan

Biweekly maintenance program...

Service Details:

Scheduled visit every 2 weeks Once every 2 weeks
Provide a professional pool cleaning with our own equipment Y
Skim leaves and other debris from the surface of the water Y
Refill your chlorinator or floating chlorine dispenser Y
Test your water chemistry Y
Clean out your skimmer and pump baskets Y
Check the filtration system to ensure proper functionality Y
Backwash the filter (if necessary) Y
Reinstall solar cover (if applicable) Y
Make sure all gates are closed Y
Leave you with a checklist of all services rendered Y



Shock treatment (if necessary) $5 per bag
Chlorine / Bromine / Salt Sold separately
Water chemistry balancing (hardness, alkalinity, pH) Sold separately
Day of week Assigned (can change week to week)
Manage appointments online Y
Cancel visit or skip weeks Up to 48 hours prior to visit
Automating billing with credit card, enter your information when you sign-up. Y
Continuation of service after more than 2 weeks skipped Billed at hourly Power Vac rate ($70 per hour)


$ 94.99